I was given a ton of creative freedom to create the FUI on all the screens in this campaign working with the awesome team at Method LA. Not to mention Jeff Goldblum was the star of the commercials - ok fine, I'm mentioning him because who doesn't love working on something with the legend, Jeff Goldblum, in it!

A lot of care was given to the overall compositions of the many screens at headquarters. We wanted to make sure they didn't get too noisy and that they helped subtly propel the story along by adding depth to the environment. I created them with a combination of FUI kits that I bashed together in AE as well as some 3D FUI design done from scratch in C4D and Redshift for the large spherical map in the BG in the Lawyer Up spot.  In the Title Upgrade spot, I got to play around rotating 3D models that were created for me and added all the layers and blips to build up a believable scan of the various costumes.


Lawyer Up Spot

We had a short time to develop lots of FUI. I used a combination of FUI kits pieced together in AE to create 6 main screens. I then created a large central spherical map that could zoom to a city level as well as all the way out to the universe to match Jeff's wild claims. This was created from scratch in C4D and Redshift . I rendered out individual elements and then layered them all up in comp to gain maximum control of everything.


Title Upgrade Spot

The screens in the background and on the Tech's screen at the front console were all suppose to match the center costume holograms. I took 3D models that were created for me and added them into a FUI interface, timing them with the length the holograms were on screen. I made a simple rotating loop of several combined scanning and thin line elements that the compositers then synced up on their end.



Executive Creative Director: 
Benjamin Walsh

Associate Visual Effects Supervisor: 
Pouyan Navid

Art Director: 
Andrew Hess


Senior Compositor: 
Ian Holland

VFX Coordinator: 
Andrea Carvajal

Laura Duncan

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